A Broken Silence

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If rap group Fort Minor and Cypress Hill were to have a kid,  A Broken Silence is probably what your end result would be.  Not only is A Broken Silence fronted by an outstanding rapper named Torcha, he is also accompanied by band members B-Don on keys, Cactus on guitar, Slim on bass and Nathan on drums.

The best part about this band?  They’re from Australia.  Living half-way around the world and being an Unsigned band, it’s a miracle that I even had the pleasure of finding out about this amazing group of musicians.

With only a limited release of their new album “All For What”, the band is already garnering worldwide attention. From playing a sold out show at the Sydney Opera House where they received a standing ovation, this band is sure to turn some heads in the process.

To receive a free download of the track “Are You Not Entertained?”, make sure to visit their myspace page @ http://myspace.com/abrokensilencemusic

Listen To “All For What” by A Broken Silence



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Nickelback, Daughtry, & Saving Abel – What do all of these bands have in common?  They are bands who are well-recognized for their HUGE radio hits and nationally sold out shows… Well then why isn’t southern rock outfit Parmalee climbing up the Billboard charts as well?

In 2008, the band released “Complicated”, an EP containing songs that should be competing head-to-head with fellow southern rock act Saving Abel.

While Nickelback and Saving Abel rely on songs that focus purely on Sex, Parmalee takes a more genuine approach to southern rock. In their powerful ballad “Carolina”, lead singer Matt Thomas pours out his heart and soul, longing to be reunited with his loved one again.

With legendary Producer David Bendeth and Nikki Six backing the band, it’s only a matter of time before “Carolina” becomes a #1 hit.

Listen to “Carolina” by Parmalee


Dead Letter Circus

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Dead Letter Circus‘ new song “The Space On Wall” defines what modern rock is needing in a desperate time for originality. With incredible production and flawless performance, this band really knows who they are and what they’re doing.  Be sure to look for their new forthcoming album out on Warner Music Australia sometime in the coming months.

For fans of Karnivool & The Butterfly Effect

Listen to “The Space On The Wall” by Dead Letter Circus


What we’re all about here at Modern Noise.

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We here at Modern Noise realize that the music industry is spitting out new bands, one after the other, without hardly even skipping a beat.

This site is dedicated to those bands who we really enjoy listening to, who stand out amongst the crowd, and who we feel others would appreciate listening to as well.

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